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What are the methods of controlling sunflower seed pathogens?

1. Select disease-fighting sunflower seeds, crop rotation to avoid sunflower replanting and cropping, and implement non-host plant crops such as wheat, corn, and sorghum for more than three years. High-incidence crops with a large number of sclerotia in soil should undergo long-term rotation. It has been proposed that the rate of withered plants should be less than 10%, rotation should be carried out for 3-5 years, and if it is higher than 10%, rotations for more than 6-8 years should be carried out.
2. Field health After the harvest, the field sicknesses should be removed, the roots must be rooted, burned centrally, and the land should be deeply turned. The sclerotia on the ground should be turned into deep soil (below 10-15 cm) to make it unable to germinate. Control broad-leaved weeds in the field, eradicate sunflower seedlings, and remove diseased plants early in the field.
3, seed treatment machinery to eliminate the sunflower seed germ pathogens prevention and control methods how to do nucleus inclusion between children, or soaked with warm water at 35 °C -37 °C 7-8 minutes, constantly stirring, sclerotin water sink, remove the upper Seed dry. In addition, soaking the seeds with a temperature of 58°C-60°C for 10-20 minutes can kill the bacteria inside the seeds. The seed dressing amount is 0.3% of the 50% procymidone (swolking) WP or 40% sclerotin (weak dying) wettable powder. 50% carbendazim wettable powder can be used for soaking in the liquid and soaking for 4 hours. The seed can also be coated with a 2.5% fludioxonil suspension seed coating agent, and 100 kg seed is applied at 600-800 ml.
4. Strengthen intercropping between field management and dwarfing crops (beans, soybeans, etc.); suitable late sowing, for example, delaying sowing in Inner Mongolia's BAM until around June 1; rational planting, mulching, large-scale planting, and planting of sunflower About 2,500 acres, the lush foliage of the species reduced as appropriate; formula fertilization, control of nitrogen fertilizer, combined with phosphorus, potash or sunflower fertilizer, nurturing strong seedlings; land leveling, reasonable irrigation, prevent flood irrigation and field water accumulation; The rot spreads quickly and should be promptly harvested or harvested in due course to reduce losses.
5. Planting disease-resistant and disease-resistant varieties The selection of disease-resistant varieties will be strengthened to promote the cultivation of disease-resistant and disease-resistant varieties.
6. Chemical control 50% of procymidone WP for soil treatment is mixed with appropriate amount of sand per acre, and evenly applied to the sowing ditch after sowing.


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